Manage field operations.
Reclaim shelf space.

Gain precise insights and control over retail execution to optimize shelf presence and sales performance.

Revolutionizing retail execution with innovative solutions for superior market performance.

Our platform empowers teams to not just manage, but actively drive growth and expansion, positioning businesses for unparalleled excellence.

Master shelf-level execution

Ensure seamless execution of promotions, product launches, and merchandising initiatives, even in the face of supply chain disruptions or operational challenges from less-than-optimal stores.

Maximize the productivity of your field team

Optimize schedule effectiveness and maximize every field agent's impact with Movemar. By leveraging precise analytics for targeted guidance, we enable teams to amplify their reach and productivity, even with limited resources.

Adapt swiftly and effectively to changes

In a dynamic retail landscape, adaptability is key. Are you ready to act swiftly? Whether it's conducting pricing audits, managing distribution delays, or handling product recalls, Movemar empowers you to seamlessly adjust your team's priorities in real-time.

Enable field teams to drive greater business impact

Achieve significant improvements in various operational metrics:
  • Enhanced territory coverage and reduced drive time for field representatives, resulting in better coverage with a smaller footprint.
  • Real-time visibility into void closures, leading to a 150% increase in closed voids year over year.
  • Maintained high employee engagement levels during the pandemic, with an 80% retention rate, through outcome-driven onboarding processes.

Key Capabilities

Promotion Execution
Brand Expansion
Retail Services

Experience the mobile app beloved by field teams

Seamlessly crafted with user-friendly features, our app boosts productivity and simplifies daily tasks. Join numerous satisfied field teams who depend on our app for its intuitive interface and powerful functionality.

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Stay one step ahead with Movemar!

Movemar is your key to gaining an edge over the competition. Schedule a short call with us and see how!